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My full name is Aaron Murray Henson.
I decided to go by my middle name rather late in life, much to the chagrin of my loved ones.

I was born in 1981, so I have the confused prestige of calling myself an 80's kids. I lament the loss of (real) MTV, I still read the backs of cereal boxes, and I remember the hand cramps from screwing on coax cables.

When I was a kid, a wanted to make comic books. Not just draw them, but make them. Tell the stories, create the characters, own the world. In a way, I've always wanted to wear many creative hats. Or I just wanted to be a boss.

I briefly apprenticed as a tattoo artist.
I was not very good.

My philosophy on creating is this: whatever you do, put yourself into it. No one has your voice, or your weirdness. It's a self-replenishing resource that no one else can tap. Exploit that sh*t.

In other words, don't get stuck in the cycle of trying to create work that looks like other people's work. Sure, we're all inspired by everyone else, yada yada. But don't stay there. Be aware. Even if what you do sucks. It eventually won't, if you put the work in.

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