I mean, not really. But that's the best way I could explain it to my dad when he asked me what I was studying in school. And honestly, there's a lot of overlap these days. Most pieces here I played an integral part in the final images, as much as the concept and development.

it's like graphic
design with
extra steps.


client: the marketing arm
| role: art director/designer

When Dallas-based advertising company The Marketing Arm decided to establish their brand as a shopper marketing powerhouse, they needed a strong, on-brand print campaign to establish a look and attitude that would disrupt the market and garner notice from potential clients. CARTOGRAPHY was created as the formal shopper marketing branch of TMA's capabilities.

This print ad campaign appeared in Shopper Marketing Magazine in the Spring and early Summer of 2018.

client: dude, sweet chocolate
| role: art director/designer/copywriter

Let's face it — chocolate is a naughty candy. It's a decadent indulgence. It messes with our brain chemistry. It's like the biker boyfriend your parents warn you to stay away from. And when you want the best chocolate, you want the most sinful. This was the idea behind this campaign.
DUDE, SWEET CHOCOLATE is a Dallas-based chocolatier that specializes is chocolate with unique flavors and ingredients.

Try The World is a subscription-based gift box service that curates packages full of treats from a specific country, each month, from around the world. The products in each box are accompanied by notecards with information about the food and the country of origin.
Connecting the dots between travel and flavor was the focus of this campaign, while also emphasizing the convenience of having culture brought to your doorstep.
For this campaign we created a series of posters, as well a set of magazine tear-out "postcards". Because, postcards. Get it?

client: try the world
| role: art director/designer

Let's face it — there are some bad tattoos out there.Whether it's an ex-girlfriend's name, a misspelled quote, or just a bad Looney Tunes character, a regreteble tattoo can be pretty off-putting. And they're made all the more cringe-y by the fact that they're permanent. Or are they?
Dr. Tattoff, as the name implies, offers laser tattoo removal services. This campaign aims to take a lighthearted, visual-gag approach to this unique service.

client: dude, dr. tattoff
| role: art director

All images © Aaron Murray Henson